Free AdWords/SEO Grade

If you could score your site to see how it compares with other similar sites in SEO or AdWords performance, wouldn’t you do so? One of the best kept secrets is that you can do so for FREE. Here’s how to test your site’s performance for AdWords and SEO using Google’s free Search Based Keyword […]

Does Good SEO Help My Pay Per Click?

Google has always said that paid search and free listings are separate from each other, and what you do on one has no bearing on the other. That may have changed, as we explain. As part of Google’s obsession with search quality, Google does not allow ads from sites that do not meet its “editorial […]

Higher Bids = More Profits?

Does bidding more on good keyword terms boost your profits? The answer is, well – it depends. According to studies by Google and others (PDF link), the position your ad appears on the page of search engine results does not materially affect your conversion rate. So in the hypothetical example below, assuming the conversion rate […]