Taking your first steps
Today, is day one

While you may not have a strong digital presence just yet, the good news is that with just a few steps in the right direction, you can be well on the way.

Footstep # 1

Establishing a tone of voice

A digital footprint starts first by establishing what tone of voice your brand will portray itself.

A tone of voice is kind of a personality for your brand.

Will your brand come across as…

  • Funny and cute
  • Wise and understanding
  • Knowledgeable and confident
  • Energetic and accomplished

Getting the right tone of voice is important in determining how your digital footprint will look, feel and sound.

Footstep # 2

Creating the Digital Channels

Next, you need to figure out what channels are best for establising an audience that is eager to connect with your brand.

Here’s the thing that most marketing agencies don’t tell you… there is no need for you to be active on every single social media platform that are out there.

Instead, pick the 3-4 that make the most sense for your brand, and give those your full attention.

Here are some of the top platforms that have worked the best for our clients:

  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Podcasts
  • Messenger

Our team has years of experience in establishing strong digital footprints for companies of all sizes across all industries. Let us help you get your footprint on the ground today.