There’s both good news and bad news about advertising on search engines such as Google AdWords, Yahoo, or Bing.  Good News: It can make lots of money in a very short time. Bad News: You can also lose lots of money in a very short time.

Search engine advertising, sometimes referred to as Pay Per Click marketing or PPC for short, is the fastest growing form of advertising since it was introduced back in 1998 by Overture. Most people recognize the “Sponsored Listings” that come up when doing an online search.

How much does it cost to advertise on the search engines?

Sponsored Ads on the major search engines are usually pay per click, which means the advertiser only pays when someone clicks on the ad after it appears on the page being viewed by the user. The price you pay for the click is actually set by running a live auction each time that particular search is performed, and your cost is controlled by 3 factors:

  1. The advertiser’s maximum bid (Max CPC)
  2. The search engine’s minimum bid (Minimum Bid or Est. First Page Bid)
  3. A Quality Score as set by the search engine

Search Network advertising is a subset of PPC marketing, and it refers to the advertising on search engines at the time a user performs a particular keyword search. Since the user is likely to be seeking something related to the business of the advertiser, it usually generates a high response rate.

Every day, there are billions of online searches being performed. The internet has become by far the first place anyone goes to find out information about anything. You need to be in your customer’s sight when they are looking for you.

Do it Yourself or Hire an Expert?

The search engines try to make PPC advertising look simple, so that anyone can do it. However, the truth is that is very hard to successfully manage a PPC campaign without first suffering some steep loses. Many of our customers come to us after experiencing these painful lessons.

At RazorClicks, we manage your PPC campaigns with one goal in mind – profitability. We don’t try and aim for a particular position, max CPC, budget limit, or impression count. Instead, we work on finding out the perfect blend of bid price, position, and conversion rate that results in the highest number of conversions for the lowest cost.

Lowest Cost Per Click + Maximum Number of Conversions = HIGH PROFITS

Don’t follow in the mistakes of others. Be sure you get the expert guidance of the RazorClicks team on your side today.