1 on 1 Consultation

Is your website not performing as you think it should? Are you finding things stuck in neutral, and not making any progress? Don’t continue to pour money into a broken process.
Sites don’t perform as expected for a variety of reasons. Some of the more common problems we’ve encountered with sites include:

  • Poor visibility – the site cannot be found where searchers are looking for it
  • Lack of structure– users come to the site, get confused, and leave
  • Missing analytics – no means of tracking performance or user behavior on website
  • Wasteful ad spending – spending too much on advertising to bring traffic to site

Turn things around with a personal 1 on 1 consultation from our team of marketing experts. Our vast experience with hundreds of sites will be put to work uncovering the holes in your process and coming up with creative solutions.
Improving on just one of our suggestions will easily pay for the cost of the consultation many times over.
Here is what you can expect with a 1 on 1 consultation:

  • Pre marketing research: Before we begin, you send us a detailed reply to a list of questions that will allow us to do pre-call research into your business. By the time we begin, we will have already familiarized ourselves with the details of your site and market, which will allow us to cover ground faster and make the meeting highly productive.
  • Full review of sales funnel: – Every site must have a sales funnel, which is a series of steps a user takes that brings them to the intended goal. We’ll rework your sales funnel and track every step of the way to ensure it is fully optimized and not losing customers along the way.
  • Identify & eliminate wasteful spending: Campaigns that are costing more than they bring in will be eliminated or renovated. We’ll explore new ideas for profitable campaign spending, even in highly competitive markets.
  • 3 things that will instantly boost profitability: Three simple steps that are largely overlooked, which can boost sales and profits by 30-40%!
  • Technology guidance: Review choices of platforms and web design companies to ensure you are with the right solution for your setup.

A one hour consultation, which includes pre meeting call and research is $200. Meetings can be held over the phone, online, or in-person.