For Ecommerce & Lead Generation

As in every industry, the online ecommerce market is hyper-competitve, and constantly changing. Yahoo! just merged their online advertising with Bing, Google rolled out an entirely new control panel, and much money is being made with non-traditional methods such as affiliate marketing, social media, and shopping engines. Your business needs experienced fighters that will break through the competition, and bring your site to ever higher levels of growth.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Full account setup & maintenance – We stay on top of the accounts while you focus on operating your business
  • Comprehensive Monthly Reports – Compares the site’s performance to the previous months, notes which areas to invest in for greater growth, and which areas should be trimmed back
  • Weekly Updates – A weekly email reporting on what was worked on this week, and highlighting significant issues that may arise
  • Monthly strategy sessions – We’ll set aside time to review the site’s performance, and explore methods of growing the business
  • No contracts – End whenever you wish

Put our experience with highly successful sites at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated employee. Our company works with sites that do over $2 million a year in sales who started with only a few orders a day. Position yourself with expertise and the assurance of our time tested skills in order to win.

Our promise is simple: We only will service companies that we feel have a chance to succeed. If your product is not something that has much demand, we’ll tell you right away, and won’t charge you. But if you have something unique and qualified, we’ll put our experience and skills to work to make your site the most successful it can be.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What kind of advertising is good for my specific business?
    At the time of engagement, we sit down with you and figure out the best strategy for your type of business. Some businesses will do well on paid search, others may be better suited for a product feed and affiliate marketing. We can also set up email campaigns for existing customers.
  2. Is the campaign guaranteed to be a success?
    (Sigh…)If only it should be so easy to make money. No, there is no guarantee that the campaigns will be an instant success. However, we can tell you from experience that with time and dedication to constant improvement, both on the campaigns and the website, virtually all the campaigns are successful at bringing in substantial sources of sales and leads for a profit.
  3. Are there any kinds of businesses NOT suited for online advertising?
    Some businesses that will not do well advertising online are those that don’t offer anything unique or special, either in the actual product or service, or in their particular offer. For example, a website that sells standard Duracell batteries will not do well, unless they make the offer unique by having a complete product line of every battery under the sun, or by selling bulk batteries at deeply discounted prices. But if yours is like most businesses, there is a reason your customers come to you over the competition, and that can be used to advertise online.
  4. My market is very competitive. I used another advertising agency who just wasted a lot of money and didn’t do anything for me. Why should I try again?
    Before we accept to work with your particular site, we assess the market dynamics and the competition to determine if it makes sense to even begin. Just because a market is very competitive doesn’t mean that one should not bother trying to enter into it. Our experience in competitive markets allows us to find the nooks and crannies of profit in these< high traffic and profitable areas. High competition is a sure sign that someone is making lots of money - and it could be you.