WARNING: If you operate any kind of online business, it is critical that you read these words before you LOSE loads of money!

If you are attempting to advertise your website on your own, be prepared to L-O-S-E tons of money.

In these tough economic times, more & more people are flocking to the internet to seek income, pushing click prices to record highs.

Higher costs + Increased competition = L-O-W PROFITS

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

For most small businesses, having an online business of some kind is no longer a matter of choice. Every day, tens of thousands of businesses are moving to the web, and billions of potential customers are out there searching for them.

Most businesses get their website professionally created, but then stop there. They throw out the website hoping that it will be found somehow by luck, and bring them in extra sales. Spending money on marketing seems like a non-essential expense.

Hire someone to do the marketing? Why that cost lots of money, and adds another hassle to deal with. And besides, who knows of someone that can be trusted to be honest these days?

Also, they’ve all heard loads of HYPE and EXAGGERATION about instant overnight success stories online (“I went to sleep and in the morning I checked my emails and saw $25,592.28 deposited into my checking account…”) which of course is all false, and start to believe that it will happen to them.

But here’s a dose of the cold, harsh reality:

The truth is, that it’s more difficult than ever to run a profitable online business. Click prices are through the roof, heading higher every day. To make money in a competitive market on Google, you will be paying $5, $10, or even $25 a click!!!

In just about 15 minutes on Google, you can be out $500 without having made even one sale!! (I’ve personally seen this happen a few times – that’s usually when they call up for a consultation!)

What’s more, if you aren’t on top of the game, you can be paying for all those costly clicks and not have anything to show for it. Matching up a site with the right keywords is a highly sophisticated science, and if you are bidding on the wrong keywords you will be facing HUGE credit card bills with absolutely NOTHING to show for it.

In today’s market, high click costs higher sales.

Google Slaps its Best Customers

To add insult to injury, while this ferocious market is being fought out between all the participants, Google comes in and slaps many of its best customers, not allowing them to advertise anymore. In the interest of “providing our users a ‘quality’ search experience, they ‘reserve the right’ to ban advertisers that do not, in their (or rather, some computer algorithm) view, provide this experience.

That means that you can be sitting there with a newly created website, credit card in hand, ready to blast off into the world of online sales, and Google WON’T EVEN TAKE YOUR MONEY!!! (Don’t bother calling Google’s customer service to help you, because that department is almost non-existent there.)

What’s happening to the Internet?

As the internet matures, in becomes more and more popular for both customers and businesses. In 2009, the competition on the keyword “internet business” increased 2X! That means that there are more than twice the number of people who have an online business than there were in 2008.

That adds up to 2X as many businesses, 2X as many startups, and 2X the competition

Millions of people who were laid off during this economic slump have taken to the internet in droves, searching for a way to replenish their lost wages by opening some kind of online business. As the number of players in this game multiplies, the competition for those top spots becomes super fierce and cutthroat.

What Does That Mean for Me?

So, if you have any dreams of operating a successful and profitable online business, you had better be prepared to fight. You need every trick in the book on your side, and stay alert, focused, and razor sharp as you fight for survival.

As part of running a profitable online business, here are just a few of the things that you’ll be spending your time doing:

  • Measure and track click prices
  • Assess individual CTR’s (click through rate) of keywords relative to your campaigns and your overall market
  • Create & split test ad versions to try and “beat the control”
  • Improve conversion rates & decreasing bounce rates
  • Formulate different sales funnels to determine most profitable path

Is it possible to prosper online in today’s market?e Most certainly YES! I have seen numerous businesses take advantage of opportunities to grow sales and profits even during this economic recession.

But, I must caution you: If you are going to see any success from your online business, be prepared to devote all your time to it, because that’s what it takes today.

Yes, be ready to put your other plans on hold while you establish your online business. Tell your family that they won’t be seeing you much, because all of your spare time will be spent on fighting it out in cyberspace.

What if I don’t have all that free time?

If you are like most small business owners, and the words “spare time” are non-existent, you had better stay out of the way. Being successful in this environment absolutely requires that you don’t lose focus for even a second. If you can’t manage to devote yourself to this task, please follow my advice: Put your ads on “PAUSED”  and walk away. Come back later when you have serious time to devote to your business’s success.

Staying on top of the market means making sure you are absolutely squeezing out the most profit you can out of every dollar that you spend on advertising.

In case you haven’t caught on what I’m trying to say, here it is in plain english:

Do not attempt to market your online business on your own. You will be slaughtered!

OK, so by now you’re probably wondering – “Is there any good news that I should know about before I give it up and walk away?”

As a matter of fact, a lot of the negative factors mentioned before can actually work in your favor. Here’s how:

  1. Yes, it’s true the competition is more fierce and intense than ever before. But honestly, most of these new and inexperienced advertisers are facing the same set of experiences, and aren’t likely to have much staying power. 90% of them won’t last more than a few months (or as soon as they get their first credit card statement). If you can hold out longer than them, that puts you in the top 10% of the market.
  2. Google Slap and their focus on Quality Score can actually work in your favor by keeping the low quality competitors out of the marketplace. If you can get a handle on what Google wants to see in your ads and on your website, those very barriers to entry will protect your business from easy competition.
  3. The path to online profits does not take forever. We have seen online businesses grow into consistent profit generating enterprises in just a few months. If you do what it takes, you can begin to see results in just a few weeks!
  4. Of course Google wants your money – they’re a corporation after all! All they want is for you to play by their rules, and they’ll be happy to show your ads and bring you traffic. Those who play by their rules will be rewarded – that’s right – with lower click prices and better quality traffic, leading to higher sales and lower costs.
  5. As the famous saying goes, “There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.” Whatever business you may be in, chances are that we’ve dealt with something similar, and figured out a way to get results. Don’t try to experiment with your business, it’s too valuable to play games with it. Leverage our experience and expertise in online marketing, and reap higher profits a lot sooner than attempting it on your own.

How RazorClicks Fits In

I’ll be very honest with you. There are dozens, if not hundreds of Pay Per Click management companies to choose from, all vying for your business. Some of these companies are actually quite large, with hundreds of employees managing thousands of AdWords accounts.

Many of them can and will offer lower monthly fees for their services. Their business model is based on scale, where they make their money on the volume of accounts under management. If one manager can “get by” overseeing 100 AdWords accounts at one time, they can afford to charge only $399 per month for their “service”.

But at RazorClicks, we believe that the dollar amount of the fee should not be the bottom line in choosing a marketing provider for your business. Rather, we focus on what we can do for your bottom line.

Do the Math

(we actually figured it out for you)

Below is a chart with two different hypothetical online management companies, Company A vs. Company B.

Company A charges only $500 a month, but their methods only increase sales by 10%. Company B charges more than double – $1,250 a month, but brings about a 35% increase in sales.

Which company is better to use, the one with the lower fees, or the higher sales? We plugged the numbers into a spreadsheet for you to see:

Original Sales Company A Company B Sales Increase
$5,000 $5,000 $5,500 10%
$7,500 $7,750 $8,875 15%
$10,000 $10,500 $12,250 18%
$12,500 $13,250 $15,625 19%
$15,000 $16,000 $19,000 20%
$17,500 $18,750 $22,375 21%
$ 20,000 $21,500 $25,750 21%
$22,500 $24,250 $29,125 22%
$25,000 $27,000 $32,500 22%
$27,500 $29,750 $35,875 22%
$30,000 $32,500 $39,250 23%

So for a business making only $5,000 a month, they would be better off with Company B. It’s not about the cost of the fee, but rather its all about the results.

Say NO to “Cookie Cutter Marketing”

Many companies have their “bag of tricks” that they use over and over again. They figure out something that works, and use it for every one of their accounts.

We believe that not every business is well-suited to just every approach. There are some businesses that do well with one approach, and not so well with other approaches. Each market, and each business, has its unique dynamics that must be taken into consideration when deciding on what approach should be used. Before we begin a marketing campaign, we assess not just the overall performance of this approach has had overall, but we see how well it fits in with the individual business and products that are being sold. If its a good fit, we try it. But sometimes it doesn’t fit well, and we’ll pass on it in favor of something that fits better.

An Entire Arsenal of Marketing Weapons

Too many businesses are reliant on one primary form of marketing, such as pay per click, while neglected the other methods that are out there.

DANGER: If your marketing efforts are not diversified, you may be in for a nasty surprise. (Read the following story that actually happened to one of our clients.)

It was an ordinary morning in middle of the winter, when the person who downloads the orders from the internet noticed that there were only 3 orders overnight (when there would usually be 30 or more). In a state of panic, everyone starts to check the website to see if it was working – it was. Then they checked the shopping cart, that was fine as well. Finally, someone checked the Google account, only to find that Google had placed all the keywords to a Quality Score of 3, ensuring that they would hardly trigger any ads. There was no notification from Google about this change, only the 90% decrease in orders. It took lots of maneuvering to get the ads back on, but the lesson had been well learned. If you rely just on Google for your traffic, you can be put out of business in a matter of seconds.

At Razorclicks, we use a virtual arsenal of online marketing methods, to diversify and take advantage of the possibilities to grow sales and increase profits for your business. Here are a few of the types of campaigns that we employ for our customers businesses:

  • Email Marketing – including testing subject lines, segmenting lists based on preference & behavior
  • Search Engine Optimization – the real way, using quality content and inbound links to improve rankings
  • Split testing different landing pages
  • Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, Flickr
  • Viral Video Releases for You Tube & Social Marketing
  • Cross Sells & Upsells to increase AOV (average order value)

Close, Personal Attention

We work on creating that close personal attention that you should expect from a firm that is responsible for bringing in business. The account manager assigned to your business becomes closely familiar with the details of your business. How customers come in, what they do while they are there, and which products bring in the greatest returns. When you speak with us, you don’t get some call center. The person responding is the same person overseeing the account.

It’s All About “IDEAS”

When it comes to online marketing, the one with the best idea wins. Since the web is all about interacting with the users, its all a matter of trying to figure out the best idea for getting them to respond. That’s why you need someone on your side with experience and the skills to generate ideas how to best market your site.

Here’s an actual story that recently happened with one of our clients:

Company A was operating a successful online business in the office supplies market . Their Razorclicks account manager realized that if the company would own a particular domain name, they would grow their sales greatly by capturing all the people that mistakenly went to that domain. However, the domain was already taken, and the owner could not be reached. Company A’s owner was reluctant to pursue the owner, since he would then realize the high value attached to his domain name and would jack the price up. So our account manager took matters into his own hands. He hired a certified domain broker at our own expense, and gave him a very low bid for the domain. The domain broker get in touch with the owner of the domain, and was ultimately successful at securing the domain for Company A at a much lower price than they anticipated.

But the story isn’t over. After redirecting the domain to their company’s website, they put in place tracking codes to measure the traffic coming from the new domain. After only 2 weeks of use, they had made back in extra sales the entire cost of the domain!  That translates to a one year return of 2500% on their initial investment, all as a result of the initiative of the account manager.

Our Fee Schedule

We were going to publish our fee schedule, but we don’t have one! Since every business has its own individual needs and goals, the fee varies widely from one business to another. That doesn’t mean we charge you a fortune, either. As we explained above, we focus on getting consistent, profitable returns on your marketing dollars. So whether you are spending a few hundred dollars or ten thousand, we make sure you are making money regardless.

To be honest, we don’t work with tiny businesses that have a very low budget. (We do have to pay our light bill, after all). Our lowest monthly fee starts at$600 a month. But even on such small accounts, we ensure that they are consistently earning good profits on their costs, or else we tell them so and encourage them to try on their own wihtout spending any more money.

We work with absolutely NO CONTRACTS, so you can cancel at any time.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Now that you’ve read through all this, it’s time to get started. We are looking forward to hearing your story, and working with you on growing your dreams together.

Call us at 732-806-1255, or fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you shortly:

We promise to do the best to help your business the right way.



Aaron Parnes
President, RazorClicks

P.S. There are thousands of companies out there looking to take your hard earned money and provide little to no value in return. They will be happy to charge their rates, and do almost nothing until the customer inquires from them what is going on. They LOVE IT when their clients are the happy go-lucky types that don’t have high expectations.

Razorclicks on the other hand, refuses to work with such companies. If you have no clue on what’s going on in your business, then don’t bother to call. Our method is to improve and build upon the existing strengths within the company, to increase the sales and profits to higher and higher levels. We love sitting down with our clients and brainstorming togther, building on what’s working an discarding the stuff that isn’t.  If you’ve got that spirit of hard work and devotion, we’re looking to work with you.

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