ATTENTION: If you have an online site that is doing well, but can be doing better, you are on the wrong page. Instead, jump over to the “How RazorClicks Can Help Grow Your Business” page. But if are those who find themselves wishing they never got into an online business in the first place, continue reading below.

When you’ve already exhausted the business start-up budget on web design and products, and you just can’t afford to spend another penny on a business that has yet to prove its potential, that leaves only one remaining option – DIY – Do it yourself. The problem is that most people haven’t the faintest clue on how to do so. We take you through some steps to get you started on the right track and hopefully improve your site’s performance, while avoiding the many pitfalls and money traps out there.

RazorClicks Guide to Do-it-Yourself Online Marketing

Before we get into the details of how to successfully market your site, it’s important to first realize what place marketing has in the functionality of your business.

Most people know that in order for a business to really take off, it has to spend money on marketing. However, in today’s digital age, with all the products available for sale anywhere in the world just a click away, it becomes even more critical.

With a well planned and properly implemented marketing strategy, a business can grow and flourish. Without a proper marketing strategy, especially an online business, is doomed to fail.

It doesn’t matter how many thousands of dollars were spent on creating the website, if there is no good marketing plan in place, you can kiss that business goodbye, because in just a short time they will be out of business with no trace of their existence.

You worked hard on getting to this point. The researching of sites, writing of the content, creating the images and designs, the endless back and forth with the web designer (yeah, we’ve all been there many times) , and the countless hours and dollars spent on your website. Now is not the time to give up all that hard work without giving it some serious shot.

It won’t be possible to teach all there is to online marketing in just a few short paragraphs or messages. Fortunately, with just a few short lessons, you can learn the basics of how to market your site successfully and get it off the ground without spending a ton of money that you don’t have.

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Here are some of the topics you’ll read about:

  • How much to bid on keywords, and which keywords should be AVOIDED entirely
  • When to use banner ads over text-based ads
  • Easy steps you can take to improve the free search engine rakings (SEO) of your site
  • How to spy on your competitors for the best performing ads – and how to effectively copy their success
  • Increase your ads’ click through rates by 25% or more using this simple strategy

The information you will receive will not be 90% sales pitch. I promise that you will receive high quality information that you can start putting to work and begin seeing immediate positive results.

P.S. The 5-day course gets you started today, and I solemnly pledge NEVER to spam you or sell your email address to anyone.