“We know that we should be doing email marketing, but we just haven’t gotten around to it yet.” Most online businesses are vaguely aware of the potential rewards that email presents, but for no good reason just never get around to it.

Email is a great way to grow website sales at a relatively low cost. The average return of a well executed email campaign is estimated to be around 130 to 1, which is much higher compared to well used forms of marketing such as banner ads and pay per click.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Provides a great return on investment (ROI)
  • Educates customers about your products and services
  • Informs loyal customers of special savings
  • Keeps your business fresh in recipients minds
  • Opens the door for customers to reply with their comments and suggestions

How to Create a Successful Email Campaign

Although there are many Do It Yourself services available for small business email marketing, they tend not to work. Most small business owners simply don’t have the time to sit down and write a marketing email, let alone to design the template or figure out the system. Plus, a poorly designed email, or worse yet – an email full of spelling errors, is counterproductive to your goals.

With Razorclicks, email marketing becomes an essential part of our marketing efforts for your site. First, we design an email template that matches the look and feel of your site which will be easily recognized by your site’s visitors. Secondly, we use talented writers to create highly effective messages that motivate readers to take immediate action. Thirdly, we take care of handling the mail delivery, ensuring that your messages aren’t blocked by spam filters. Finally, we track the performance of the email campaign, making sure it meets our expectations.

You probably know that email needs to be an essential part of your marketing efforts. Choose Razorclicks to make sure its done right. The results we bring will speak for themselves.