Razor Clicks is an online marketing firm dedicated exclusively to small business websites. Small businesses have been very successful selling and advertising their goods and services online, and it plays a large role in generating sales and profits.
However, most small businesses cannot afford to hire a dedicated marketing staff to do all the necessary marketing of their online site. Razor Clicks takes the challenge out of the hands of the small business by performing all the marketing work needed for a successful online business.
At Razor Clicks, we manage every step of online marketing, leaving you to focus on running your business. We take care of:

  • search engine advertising
  • web data analytics
  • creating and sending marketing emails to customers
  • adding informational content and articles
  • discovering hidden opportunities within your market

Our goal is simple: Building sustainable, profitable online businesses for small business.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Do you have a business website that is doing well but you know it can do better?
  • Have you attended conferences or purchased books explaining how to grow your online sales but never had time to put those plans into action?
  • Are you currently using only one form of marketing for your website such as Google AdWords, while neglecting the many other opportunities?
  • You have a website that is just about ready to go, but can’t seem to get it started?

Razorclicks will give your site the opportunity it deserves. For just a flat monthly rate that your business can afford, we provide the missing pieces of the marketing puzzle. Give us a call today!