The 5 Top Reasons NOT to Send Holiday Emails


Its the end of October, and that means its time for retailers all over the web to gear up for the busy holiday shopping season.

Studies show that most small businesses don’t send out regularly scheduled email campaigns. That’s just like opening the window and throwing out $100 dollar bills. Why? Because sending emails to your existing customer base costs next to nothing, is welcomed by your customer, and can bring lots of extra sales.

The large retailers all have regular email campaigns. Some of them, such as Amazon and Lands End, send emails to their customers every single day!

Why don’t most small businesses send out emails to their customer list? We asked around and got the following (lame) reasons:

  • Too expensive to create emails (actually, the cost to create a professional looking custom email is less than $100)
  • I don’t have anything to write (so why are you in business?)
  • It’s very time consuming (is it?? Did you ever try?)
  • Our customers don’t appreciate getting emails from us (Actually, only about 10% of customers opt-out from promotional emails)
  • It’s very complicated to get email through the spam filters (True, but using an ESP [email service provider] greatly reduces spam issues)

Just remember – when you aren’t sending email to your customer list you are throwing money out the window. One of our customers netted $5,000 in sales from just one email to their list!

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