How strong is your digital footprint?

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Coming up nowhere
Memorable brands are just that…memorable. The others are just fleeting shadows. Build a brand is the key to success. But how do you go about doing that??
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Sooo boooring
Customers start their shopping process online. Where do you come up in that search? Being on page two can mean a loss of thousands of missed visitors…and lost opportunities, every single month.
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Does anyone care?
In today’s economy, the most valuable asset is an engaged list. When you have “1,000 True Fans”, you can sell to them again and again, without having to pay for the privilege. How true are your fans?
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Aaron Parnes, CEO

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Identify your best prospects with an intensive research process to determine who they are, what they are looking for, and where they go to find answers to their questions.

In the digital world, money is made from having an engaged list and effective use of it. Let us develop a strategy for growing your list and keeping them engaged with you, so that when you have something to sell, there will be a highly receptive audience waiting to hear from you.

Having a large number of fans on Facebook is not just something to brag about. When you have lots of fans, you content gets likes, shares, and visibility. Your posts will only be visible when the feedback loop is engaged, and having a committed fan base is how you do that. See how our process gets you large numbers of genuine, committed followers who really want to hear what you have to tell them.

There’s no use in having a large audience if you have nothing to tell them. Your content needs to be these three things in order for it to work: actionable, memorable, relatable. Our writer & managers come up with the perfect match of content that gets your readers to click and stay – both on the screen and in their minds.

The most overlooked channel by far is YouTube. Did you know that YouTube is not just a social media channel – it’s the second largest search engine behind Google. That means people are searching YouTube for questions that you can turn into paying customers by providing them the right answers.

Creating videos may seem daunting, but our process breaks it down into easily managed steps that any company – even on a small budget, can easily get done.

Our Process

Who is your target audience?•
What problem are they facing?•
How are they searching for answers?•

Your unique value
• Assess your inner knowledge of the market
• Develop an answer to “How are you different?”
• Promote a personality to be the “face” of your brand

Create content that answers questions
your audience are already asking:
Blog posts •
Help articles •
YouTube videos •

Engage and strengthen relationships through:
• Email sequences
• Retargeting ads
• Messenger broadcasts
• Outbound calls

•Grow your organic Google rank (SEO)
• Rise up in YouTube rankings
• Nurture a base of followers,
• fans and subscribers

Having a strong digital footprint is more than just bragging rights. The strength of your influence is measured by the number of people interacting with your brand online. Whether they are your followers, fans, subscribers, or customers, it's the people that will power your brand's success for years to come.
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